Beach Comer Pound Cakes

Created: 07/13/13
Last Edited: 07/14/13
This project was a year long senior project done at Jacksonville University. I made up a pound cake business for a client Kimberly Comer Nader and we baked pound cakes for the show at the Annual Senior Seminar Artist's Reception. Creating this business was extraordinary and my client would not have wanted it done any other way. It was a mock-up business, so it is not real. I used the Adobe Software and Istockphoto for the pictures in the cookbook. If you would like to see the cookbook please contact me.
  • Beach Comer Pound Cakes was a mock up business for a client Kimberly Comer Nader done in College at Jacksonville University. The client wanted a traditional and original name that matched the Jacksonville Beach atmosphere. The design called for an expensive quality look that matched the taste of the delicate, handmade cakes. The logo was designed first then the business stationary, banner, mock-up websites, and a cookbook followed.

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