BeWilder Gallery Show

  • BeWilder
    BFA Senior Design Show
  • BeWilder was the culmination of 5 years as a graphic design student at Western State College, and was worked on my entire senior year. This was my first experience at putting together a full gallery show, and was a joint venture with 3 other artists. The show's theme of BeWilder was set to emphasize the inspiration I receive from nature and the wilderness all around me. The show contained a series of 12 pieces and included an array of mediums displaying varying design styles. The show featured many examples of hand lettering and original typography, as well as printmaking, illustration, painting, photography, and digital collages.
  • The following Illustration was inspired by one of my favorite artists Roy Lichtenstein. The final piece was displayed in large scale on a canvas, and was a centerpiece of the show.