Baraka Bouts

Created: 03/04/11
Last Edited: 11/19/12
I was approached by a member of the Women's Boxing Team to do the two posters. I needed to use the photos of the team captains taken from a Lighthouse Image photo shoot. The captains used the theme "feminine but fierce" in the photo shoot and I tried to capture this in the posters. One poster would be an 11 in by 17 in poster that would be hung around the Notre Dame campus. The other poser would be an 18 in by 24 in poster given to attendees of the 2011 Baraka Bouts Fight Night.
  • Baraka Bouts
    What makes you fight?
  • These posters promoted the 2011 Baraka Bouts Fight Night at the University of Notre Dame. Baraka Bouts is the annual event for the ND Women's Boxing Team. The proceeds from the fight night are donated to the Holy Cross Missions in Africa.

    The first poster was given to every person who paid entrance to the 2011 Fight Night. The second poster announced the event.

    While I designed the posters, I did not take the original picture of the Boxing Team. These photos came from Lighthouse Imaging. The photos inside "East Africa" were taken by one of the boxers when she studied abroad in Uganda.

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