Bank of America Merchant Services Brand Guidelines

Created: 04/05/10
Last Edited: 02/05/13
Bank of America Merchant Services Brand Guidelines
Project Info
    Bank of America Merchant Services had a new logo, but needed brand guidelines.

    This was particularly challenging because Merchant Services worked with both consumer (small business) and corporate/commercial clients, and each had its own set of brand guidelines under the Bank of America umbrella.

    The finished product was a 150-page document that covered logo usage, consumer and corporate/commercial design guidelines, writing style guidelines, production guidelines, and who to contact with branding questions. I determined the structure of the document, wrote most of the new expository copy, designed the guide, and generated new template samples that were used as illustrations throughout.
  • Selection of pages from the guidelines
  • Introduction
  • Primary logo
  • Small business brand strategy introduction
  • Landing page example
  • Commercial/corporate brand strategy introduction
  • Sales Toolkit example
  • Brand voice guidelines
  • Legal disclosures guidelines

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