Banana Republic - Facelift

  • Banana Republic
    Same product, new twist.
  • For this project I was tasked with taking an identity and then modify to have it still speak the brand's name. I chose to work on Banana Republic. I thought that an excellent place to start was with one of their lines of clothing called, Monogram. The tags on those pieces of clothing feature a vertically flipped B backed to an R. From there I was able to develop the logo around their brand typography and add some flair to it. Banana Republic outlets are very clean and light with a hint of texture; this was something that I could work into the packaging design. I also knew that it was important to make sure that the product was keeping the consumer engaged, thus having the Web URL present on tags and receipts became important.
  • Receipt and gift card vectors.
  • Belt and tag detail.
  • Entire design suite.