Banana Rating Guerilla Campaign

  • Banana Rating Guerilla Campaign
    Outdoor Vinyl & Stickers
  • The Banana Rating Guerilla Campaign is the next step in provoking my audience to pay attention to social and political issues around the Los Angeles area, as well as inject my banana lingo/language into the campaign in a clever way. I took the degrees of banana ripeness- overripe, ripe, and unripe and assigned the qualities of the banana's ripeness to current issues. So overripe denotes something that is old, past its prime. Ripe stands for something that is prevalent, or common, and unripe is something that isn't quite mainstream or well known. 
  • Overripe sticker
  • Overripe Vinyl on courthouse in downtown L.A.
  • Overripe sticker on car
  • Ripe sticker
  • Ripe vinyl on McDonald's storefront
  • Unripe sticker
  • Unripe vinyl on side of building