Ballet Shoe Packaging

Created: 01/09/14
Last Edited: 01/09/14
My goal in creating this Ballet Shoe Packaging was to make a box that would be reused as a poster. The tube that contains the shoes, and mesh bag for store and dance studio use, can be unrolled into a collectible poster. Both student and professional dancers go through many pairs of shoes, so they can collect the seasonal posters as they buy more shoes from my imaginary company called FDFD (For Dancers, From Dancers). For the men's and women's posters I wanted to show the feeling that these jumps evoke as you perform them and what the dancer is thinking about as they execute the move. The children's poster is educational to help with their studies in Ballet. Each tube is color coded according to the type of shoe and the shoe color, and labelled for easy organization and display in the store.

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