Baked and Wired Bakery

Created: 01/14/13
Last Edited: 10/24/13
The Spec Project:
Create an interactive website for a very trendy, hip bakery and coffee shop.

This Georgetown coffee shop is very hip and trendy so the overall site design had to represent that. The site’s chalkboard and brick background is inspired by the shop’s white brick walls and chalkboard menus. I created the logo using a keyable font I created myself for the word “wired”.

Menu Content Management System :
The bakery frequently changes its menu and it is impractical to have to contact a web developer every time it needs
updating. I created a simple administration page in PHP and MySql that allows the manager to log in and easily make
real-time additions or subtractions to the Baked Goods page.

Frequent Buyer’s Club:
The site needed to contain a frequent buyer’s club that allows customers to sign up, choose a login name, a password,
and enter their names and information into our database. The customers can then login at any time to see their points
and to retrieve special coupons or messages. This club provides an easy way for the bakery to create and maintain a mailing list and customer demographic information. The page was created with PHP and MySql.

Baked Goods Slide Show:
Because of the quantity of different baked goods a continuous, fade in and out, slide show was the only way to practically showcase many of the items. The slide show was produced with JQuery.

Map and Directions:
I used a link to Google Maps that allow the user to enter any address and receive a map and directions from any
location to the shop.

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