Sendik's Community Soup Recipe Contest

Created: 02/07/13
Last Edited: 04/22/14
Promotional materials for a soup recipe contest held at the Sendik's grocery stores.
    Photo by Cayla Koskie
  • Sendik's Food Markets Community Soup Recipe Contest
    Branding / advertising
    Various materials for a promotional contest at the Sendik's stores including: in-store display signage, newspaper advertising, slides for in-store digital displays, web banners, billboards plus imagery (not shown) for Facebook, iPad apps, etc.
  • Poster to promote contest in-store
  • Ad in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (metro area's largest newspaper)
  • Slide for in-store digital screens
  • Web banner
  • Digital billboard
  • Photo by Cayla Koskie
    Aprons awarded to winners
  • Photo by Cayla Koskie
    Other prizes awarded to winners

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