BILT Annual Report 2004-2005

Created: 07/29/13
Last Edited: 07/29/13
BILT Annual Report 2005-06 was an exciting project where the company wanted to showcase it's most successful papers in a new and fresh way. Thus came the idea of incorporating all their successful paper varieties in the contents section as a fan. The grid for the pages inside has a strong design element to it complementing the contents section.
  • BILT is a large paper manufacturing company that wanted a fresh approach for their annual report.
  • As a designer, I conceptualized and designed this report giving it a fan /concertina section where all the different pages were used for the contents. It is a fun and creative approach where the annual report also has a strong marketing element to it.
  • One the pages from the non financial section showing the treatment of text and page layout.

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