BFFB - Tootsie Pop

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    Directed by Erika Ochoa
    "Tootsie Pop" Produced by BFFB and Lance Conrad
    Director of Photography - Alex Bowes
    Assistant Camera - Keith Moeching
    Assistant Camera - Dan Garritson
    PA - Luke Johnson
    Edited by Nicholas Elstran
    Graphic Design - Adam Valley
    Wardrobe - Tracy Rostamo
    Makeup - Victoria Blumentritt, Teneille Johnston, Emily Bettenga
    Choreography - Gigi Z
    Special Thanks to Jason Ho and Ben Thompson

    Gigi Z
    Bridgette B
    Kole N

    Eleza Seidenstein
    Jake "En Fuego" Fischer
    Jenna Ewing
    Marissa Gaulke
    Em F
    Matt R
    Lauren G
    Chris "Sha Boi" Spah
    Jenna B
    Joe " DJ Yoo-Seph" F
    Ali Fischer
    Kamal Minneapple
    Tony Partyka
    Thomas Robert B
    Lance Conrad
    Britney D

    "Tootsie Pop" written by ICON, Matt Sheen, Chris Moon

    **A lot of candy was harmed in the making of this video

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