BFA JR Review

Created: 12/01/12
Last Edited: 02/27/13
I am an active designer on and off the computer. Having a strong background in the fine arts as given me the opportunity to push my graphic design skills even further. My interest in print design and installation design continues to grow, exploring dimension and pushing the limits of paper. Ever since I had the opportunity to create the BFA promo piece in the hallway of the Art and Design Department, I knew designing on the computer would be just the beginning. Dimension and installation creates an environment of space that forces you to interact. The human eye interacts better with objects that speak, play, and intrigue them. The letters are brought to life to tell you more about themselves. Tridoinyca: The Gibberish Alphabet empowers these letterforms to play and express their personalities in three-dimensional form. Strong communication design should be best expressed with something that opens up new possibilities, opportunities, and curiosities. I have always been a curious person, and to be able to run with those curiosities with thrill, fun, and excitement is what aspires me to be the designer I am.
  • This was my Jr. Review show I had to pass within the BFA program at Wisconsin-Whitewater.  Elaborating on my Gibberish Alphabet created a year prior, I evolved the series into a dimensional installation of playful, unique letter forms.  The typography is coming to life to interact with all who stop by the gallery.
    I printed, hand cut, and assembled all the letters and constructed all supporting wooden pieces.
    Created Fall of 2012

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