B&N Classics: Cerebral Distortion Book Series

Created: 01/11/13
Last Edited: 02/17/13
opportunity: Design a 4 book series of Barnes & Noble Classics

Solution: The four books chosen for my series were Moby Dick, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Babbett, and A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man. The element linking these chosen books together are male protagonists with internal struggles. Captain Ahab struggles with obsession, Quazimodo with isolation, Babbett with conformity, and Stephen Dedalus with insecurity.

  • Cerebral Distortion is a series that portrays male protagonists stricken with internal struggles; Captain Ahab’s obsession of revenge, Quazimodo’s isolation, Babbitt’s struggle with conformity, and Stephen Dedalus’ insecurity. Through strong willpower and determination, these men overcome their struggles for the better or for the worst. 
    This series is meant to aid similarly stricken male individuals by presenting relatable struggles, reactions, and consequences to help lead them away from a state of cerebral distortion. 
    AAF Greenville Silver Student ADDY: Collateral - Publication Design Series

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