Latino retail design for Avanza Supermarket

  • Company:
    Nash-Finch Company
    Branded, fully integrated environmental and graphic communications.
    Introduce Denver’s first highly-branded grocery store environment specifically designed for under-served U.S. first generation Mexican immigrants (the Latino community comprised 30% of Denver’s population).
    Utilize Mexico-reminiscent colors, typography and design elements, within a congregation-friendly floor plan, to build an inviting, center-of-community feeling where shoppers feel at home. Project services and components were executed based on extensive input from the target audience, and included:
    1) Research: Target audience focus groups were conducted to glean vital food, shopping, and
        design preferences.
    2) Naming: Avanza was selected for its audience-relevant aspirational attribute and strong
        single-word presence.
    3) Visual brand: Development consisted of logo, color, font, imagery and texture selections.
        UNO applied filtros, finding that the Mexican demographic overwhelmingly desired a colorful space.
        This community effort helpedguide design decisions and engage the target audience before the
        store even opened.
    4) Merchandising/Plan-O-Gram:
               • Comparable Latino and American category food items are displayed
                 together (Latino foods are typically displayed in a separate section).
                 Mexican delicacies blend with typical American favorites, providing vast
                 shopper options (Avanza features 2,400 Latino items; most traditional
                 American stores offer under 200).

               • Brightly-colored walls, columns, counter areas and furniture create a joyous,
                 welcoming atmosphere.

               • Navigational signage is bi-lingual and brilliantly colorful.
               • Products are priced to be competition-unbeatable.
    5) Floor plan: The store flow was created for ease of navigation with a great deal of open space to
        promote patron socialization (Mexican bakery, deli, and tortilleria sections all entice/engage patrons).
    The Avanza Supermarket concept was wildly successful with the target audience, prompting expansion
    from the initial Denver market to additional Colorado cities and Omaha, nebraska.