Austin 2050

Created: 11/08/12
Last Edited: 05/29/13
*School Project

As more people migrate into cities, issues such as energy, space, transportation, and water are being called into question. With diminishing space, poor transportation, limited energy, and water quality on the rise across the globe in many urban cities, there is a call for change in order to make our living spaces into better environments.

In the exhibition, Austin 2050, we offer a snapshot into what this American city is currently doing and what their future plans are. Named the fastest growing Metropolitan area in the US, it was the ideal example of the sustainable measures they are taking to ensure a bright future.

The location for the exhibit will be at the Austin Museum of Art, for its location and its sustainable building standards. All materials featured are made from recyclable materials and are biodegradable. This lowers it's impact on the environment.

The first floor presents what Austin in currently to minimize their impact on the environment while on the second floor features what plans are being implemented for the year 2050.

Team Members: Melissa Iaconis, Danielle Keene, Juan Mondragon, and Stephanie Yee.

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