Audio Game BeanBag

Created: 08/19/13
Last Edited: 09/13/13
Through our long relationship with the original owners of Pyramat before they sold the company we did many products for them. This Bean Bag is by far one of our Favorite. We needed to give it some structure to house the speakers and subwoofer without the user feeling them when they sat-down. We also did not want to take away the comfortable qualities that make it a bean bag. Next we gave it a contemporary look with great color panel changes and great logo placement. This bag features High-quality Surround Sound Speakers, Pyramat POWERSUBâ„¢ Subwoofer, Supportive, Contoured Bucket-Style Seat, Comfortable Microfiber fabric, Convenient Storage Pockets and a Control Panel. You can connect up to 8 Units Together. It is also compatible with All Gaming Consoles, Audio and Video Devices. We had a lot of fun!

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