Athens Street Show

Created: 01/21/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Athens Street Show, backed by a grant by the Athens Arts Unleashed program, put eight local artists on display by converting downtown retail windows into gallery space. The exhibition took place in Athens, Georgia and was led by Didi Dunphy.
  • 2010 Athens Street Show
    Athens, Georgia 
  • [Vinyl window decal]

    The window signage marked each gallery site along the Art Walk, allowing viewers and participants to look up more information about the artwork and artist. 
  • [Mailer card]

    Dimensions: 4in x 6in
  • ["Barallathon," glazed stoneware sculpture by Daniel Sizemore] 

    This piece by Daniel Sizemore was featured in Espresso Royale, a local coffee shop. An example of the work displayed as part of Athens Street Show. 

    Dimensions: approx. 6ft x 3ft 

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