Assorted Apartment/Multifamily Advertising

Created: 02/13/13
Last Edited: 02/14/13
Direct mail pieces and assorted print collateral for apartment/condo clients during my years of designing for the multifamily industry
  • Assorted Multifamily Collateral
    design of advertising and promotional materials for for-rent and for-sale properties
  • Nearly all of my 10+ years of working as a graphic designer and advertising professional have involved some partnership and collaboration with the apartment and multifamily industry—design of display ads, interior and exterior photography of residences and amenities, even 360-degree virtual tour photography.
    Included here are simple print collateral pieces for various multifamily clients, including direct mailers, billboard layouts, and site plan flyers.
    Many thanks to Mark Boivin, who served as art director on the blue billboard project and on the site plan.

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