Artist Tools Symbol Set, Booklet and Animation

Created: 01/16/12
Last Edited: 08/14/13
A symbol set for fine art paint application tools and their attributes, as well as an accompanying booklet and 3D animation.
  • Symbology, Layout Design, 3D Character Animation
    Professors: Sung Kang, Ryan Musselman 
  • This project involved creating a theme-based symbol set from a single grid system. I decided to make my symbols about fine art paint application tools and their attributes. Along with the symbol set, we were required to make a book featuring them. For that part of the project, I created a ring-bound booklet like one might find in an art store for the purpose of explaining the symbol system to customers and helping them with their purchasing decisions.
    In another class, we were given the the assignment to create a 3D animation utilizing one or more of the symbols we created. My animation became an advertisement for a fictional paintbrush company, Sable Paintbrushes.  It was also the first 3D animation I ever attempted.
  • Fine Art Paint Application Tools and their Attributes Symbol Set (Color, Black & White):
    Symbol Booklet:
    3D Symbol Animation (Embedded Video):
    Screen Captures:

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