Gertrude Stein Anthology Across Media

Created: 11/10/12
Last Edited: 03/12/14
This is an anthology of Gertrude Stein's poetry that is presented in both a physical book and an iPad experience. The structure of the anthology reflects the content of the poems from physical items to what can only be spoken about. Overall layout of the anthology ranges from traditional poetry layout to hierarchy tampered layouts.

The interactive version of the Articulate Void allows the user to experience the anthology in 3 different ways. The third way is the literal descent down from traditional to abstract poem layouts using additional media that is not experienced with the physical book.
  • The main concept revolved around the presentation of traditional, easy to explain objects to abstracted ideas. This is the breakdown of what can be accepted as a physical item to what can only be spoken about and not always understood. One can explain and show what “a chair” is, but one cannot easily explain and show what “more” is. The layout of the poems transition from a traditional poetry form into more abstract layouts where hierarchy was tampered. The digital version of the iPad follows the same structure as the physical version, but also allows the user to experience the literal descent down from traditional to abstract with additional media that is not experienced with the physical book.
  • The physical book starts and ends with the same poem "objects." The idea was to create a circular path to continue Stein's use of words in a not so traditional placement to describe.
  • The last abstracted spread of the anthology.
  • The digital version is a direct transfer from the physical version; so the emphasis is on the viewer being able to react more with the text. The main difference is in the first page of the magazine; the viewer is able to decide how they want to experience the text. They can view the poems from traditional to abstract, abstract to traditional, or the descent down to abstract. The first two options allow the viewer to read the poems with minimal sounds or music clips to further experience the seriousness of the poems. The third option is the ability to scroll from the cover all the way down to the abstracted poems, moving the focus to the physical structure of the text, hierarchy and layout as it moves from traditional to abstract.
  • digital scroll through of the book without sound.
  • The opening screen of the digital format of my Stein anthology. It opens with a video showing the abstraction/beauty of space. The viewer has the option of choosing how to experience my anthology, either abstract to traditional or traditional to abstract.
  • The digital adaption of my Stein anthology in iPad format.
  • Table of contents with clickable page jumps.

  • Optional way to view the text, via a downward scroll to visually show the text breaking from its traditional format to an abstracted, loosened structure.
  • The end of the downward scroll into abstraction, ending with the colophon, explaining the format.

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