Article Layout Redesign

  • Berbay Corp. Article Layout Redesign 
  • The client wished to redesign their article layout that they send out to subscribers twice a month. The first layout shown was their original layout. They advised me that they wished to have something new and fresh, keeping it within the look and feel of their companies brand, and staying away from the 3 coulmn structure. While creating 3 unique concepts for them, I quickly realized that with the articles being so text heavy, their best options were to have a two or three coulmn structure. The client and I discussed their options and decided that we would stick with a three coulmn structure, and go for a clean and polished look
  • Original Layout That They Wished to Redesign
  • Final Concept They Picked
  • A More Creative Approach, Featuring a Two Column Structure
  • An option that was presented that was more formal. Featuring a sidebar.