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    Where old becomes new.
  • This was a campaign for my advertising class. My inspiration was a good friend of mine he is always going to record shops and buy random stuff on online.  So i started researching old, used, and vintage things. I came across Aj's photos and was blown away. They were exactly what i was looking for photos that have a vintage theme that i could use in many didn't ways. 

    By focusing on one part of ebay vintage/old i could narrow down and show the essence of ebay. "Where old becomes new."  I wanted to sell the life style and not random products.  My thanks to Aj the photos are great.

    This is concept work it's not from eBay.

    Ad Art Direction: Steve Williams
    Writing: Steve Williams.
    Photographer:  AJ Uhrich

    Magazine, outdoor, web banner, and an app for shopping.