Arkansas Diamonds - NBA team logo

Created: 03/16/13
Last Edited: 03/16/13
Design for a proposed NBA team based in Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • Arkansas is the only place in the US where diamonds have been found. The rare and precious gems are such a point of pride that the state flag bears a diamond shape. The conceptual focus of this design is the diamond's unequaled strength, which is the consequence of many tightly-connected parts. The mark itself conveys the theme of one-from-many with a basketball, crystalline in appearance, created from┬áseparate but essential parts and bound by the shape of a diamond. The logotype mimics the sharpness, hardness, and angularity of the diamond as the letters lock together and with their surrounding graphic elements.┬áThe dominant motif of the brand is the diamond pattern, which depicts the power of strong bonds among the members of the team--players and staff alike--each part necessary in creating and maintaining that strength, forging that unbreakable whole.

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