Arctic High Tide Package Design

  • Arctic High Tide Package Design
    Packaging functions as a book shelf, photo frame, and rotating clock/thermometer holder.
  • The arctic is melting and the “High Tide” is closing in. Soon arctic wildlife will struggle against being extinct. The ice is being auctioned off to five countries as we speak and will be exploited for its oil contents. It is in theory, the global warming which is causing the ice to melt at alarming rates. .

    This promotional package will be delivered to American politicians, including house representatives and senators, and environmentalists. The package contains a book, “High Tide,” arctic species cards, and a clock, which rotates into a thermometer. The purpose of this piece is to bring the politicians into the arctic and empower them: which can be done with packaging and informational content. The goal is not to criticize, but to motivate for change.