Created: 08/14/12
Last Edited: 11/22/12
Hand made font inspired by Sevillan architecture
  • Arco

    Arco is the Spanish word for arch. This font is inspired by the Islamic style architecture, the arches specifically, typical of Seville, Spain. During a semester abroad studying Spanish language, art, and culture I became enamored with the architecture. One of Seville's most famous structures is the Alcázar, the royal castle. The Alcázar is characterized by intricate Arabic inscriptions carved into the walls, colored mosaics, and beautiful arch ways. This font was built from the scalloped pattern of the arches to represent the rich culture and traditions of Seville. The scalloped pattern can be found in other iconic structures, such as the famous Giralda tower near the Cathedral. It is also repeated in traditional Flamenco dresses. The goal is for people to understand the dynamic culture and deeply rooted traditions unique to Seville when they see word written with Arco.

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