• Archeworks
    Ethical Design

  • One year post baccalaureate program in ethical, community-based design program.  Worked in small group teams to develop design strategies and responses to given program.

    I was part of team of six that worked on the “Tools for Schools /Dual Design” education project. Our team ranged in backgrounds from computer technology, anthropology, publishing, language studies, design and architecture. This team of six came together to work towards a goal of understanding who our clients were (not Archeworks, not critique panelists, but students, teachers and communities affected by under-funded schools) and opened eyes to the realization that simply creating new “Tools for Schools” will not solve the problems.

    We went on alot of field trips, made alot of prototypes, visited many classrooms, and many people already working on the issues in the trenches.

    We ended our year at Archeworks by writing a book that covered our process, why we didn't do what we were asked to do by Archeworks, and asked others to take our work - steal it, pass it on, make it better. 

  • Book we wrote, "Actually, I Like Crap"
  • Realizing that kids will usually be better designers than the designers...
  • prototype of Visual Attendance System.  We learned from teacher that just getting students to show up was often times the hard part of their job.  We thought that having a visual that would track attendance would encourage students to participate - to reveal the final image.  The more students in the class the more the image is revealed.  This could be a daily/weekly/monthly exercise. 

    Obviously this illustrates a simplified *adult version - we do not promote smoking !