Arabic T-shirt Project

  • Arabic T Shirt Project
  • Participant wearing a project T-shirt  in the Istanbul Airport.

  • Arabic T-shirt Project postcard.

    Participants were encouraged to distribute and leave postcards in relevant locations. 
  • Project Website

    Comments from participants requesting a T-Shirt via the website:

    “I think this is a wonderful idea. I teach high school in NYC and advise a Middle East Club.”
    - Athan, New York

    “My son and I are interested in how your project is going. My daughter always received questions because she wears a hijab. Some people just couldn’t grasp that she was born here and was an American. My son is wondering if the t-shirt will produce similar results. If you are still looking for t-shirt wearers for your project he would like to volunteer and see what happens at school.”
    -Sheila, Kansas

    “My colleague forwarded me the info on your project and I think it is really interesting. I am a linguist and of course am drawn to issues of language and politics. This notion that seeing the Arabic script activates so many fears and stereotypes is intriguing.”
    -Gretchen, Florida

    “My company just hired our first Muslim employee and it’s great to have the diversity on the crew. There’s not much of that here in Park City...”
    -DeeAnn, Utah

  • Arabic T-shirt Project installed as part of a group show at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.