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Created: 02/29/12
Last Edited: 06/20/13
app and app interface
  • Wino
  • This was a Rush project. Our professor gave us two days to come up with an idea for an app, design the app, and design the app interface, which is what you see when the app if opened. The theme was food or drink. We had to display the app and the interface within an ipad homepage. ┬áMy roommate was the inspiration for this app because she is obsessed with wine, so I chose to use an art deco typeface to represent the wine, as well as a purple color to represent the grapes. After you answer the first question it would bring you to other question to answer about yourself and how you interact with people when you drink wine. At the end it tells you the type of wine that is right for you, and tell you the reason you are a wino.

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