Anti-weapon poster

Created: 03/23/13
Last Edited: 03/23/13
Even if we don't like them, don't want them, or don't buy them, weapon are among us. They enter in our private life trough the culture such as movies or general imagery, they come naturally in the hands of our children trough toys and stories. Their presence is exiting, brings fear or respect, but also the illusion of safety. This posters is created with the shapes of various guns that are building a camouflage pattern. The silhouette of a human surrended by those forms expresses how powerless any individual is, facing the immeasurably presence of weapons. It illustrates the hidden but accepted economical machinery behind them, leading most of the actual world politics into war. Weapons influence the politic of our country and as any primal agressivity, they are the proof of the failure in any communication. On the top of the image, a series of symbols expresses a global message: more money makes less love.

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