Animals Eating Animals

  • Animals Eating Animals
    Group Exhibition May 2012 | Assemble Gallery
  • Animals Eating Animals is a group exhibition featuring the works of myself, Joe Mruk and Ross Hardy.
    The opening night was part of the Unblurred Gallery Crawl at Assemble Gallery. 

    My contribution to Animals Eating Animals has a clear division: coarse, expressive paintings and clean, detailed illustrations. The series of paintings portray the act of cannibalism among different types of animals. Eating one’s own kind is not uncommon and has been recorded in over 1,500 species. Through their primal and haggard appearance, these pieces communicate the brutality and violence that is attributed to the various types of cannibalism, such as filial and intrauterine, that animals resort to for survival.

    The set of illustrations focuses on consumption in a much more light-hearted fashion. I wanted to play with the concept of the representation of an animal’s diet in a peculiar,comical manner. Who really eats whom? Who could eat whom? Birthed from silly thoughts like, “imagine a pterodactyl trying to eat a bald eagle,” these ink and watercolor depictions not only contrast the more serious tone of the cannibalism paintings, but also reflects my strange sense of humor.

  • Chimp Eat Chimp  4' x 4'
  • Hippo Eat Hippo  4' x 4.25' 
  •  Shark Eat Shark  4.24' x 4.25'
  • Hyena Eat Hyena  4' x 4'
  • Rat eat Rat  3' x 4'
  • Giant Rabbit or Small Wolf 8"x8"
  • I Love Fish 8" x 8"
  • Snake & Eggs 8" x 8"
  • King of the Skies 14" x 11"
  • Struggle 14" x 11"