Anger Infographic

Created: 03/14/13
Last Edited: 07/16/13
Anger Infographic
  • I think its fitting to make my first project on my new account one I just finished, based on a class project this infographic covers the negative effects of anger.
    I made this primarily in Illustrator with the main visual, the arm swinging silhouette, in Photoshop first. I took a picture of myself and used Photoshop to increase the contrast between myself and the background, then I exported it to Illustrator and used live trace to get a vector I then tweaked with the direct select tool until I got the result above. The rest of the content and layout was done in Illustrator.
    I think the title was the hardest part, I felt a normal font was too stable for the subject, I knew I was gonna make anger stand out with red a broken font, but the rest of the title took some work, it needed some stability but look like it was ready to snap, like a person trying to control their temper.
    Made in Illustrator CS6, Photoshop CS6

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