Folly Theater Special Event System

  • The objective was to create a cohesive system that visually represents the Anat Cohen Quartet. The Folly Theater also wanted to attract a younger audience for their annual Folly Jazz Series. Overall, the main message in this system was the idea of for individuals coming together to create one memorable event. The most challenging part was keeping consistency in visual aesthetics and keeping in mind the various scenarios or amount of time that the viewer would interact with the piece. 
  • 32" × 48" poster.

    “Organized chaos” is the theme that was chosen to represent the Anat Cohen Quartet. The main element used to emphasize that was the use of a combined instrument, using pieces from each of the instruments involved in this specific quartet. That graphic element and theme was used as the primary means of communication throughout all pieces of promotional materials. The idea of four people, four instruments, four lives coming together to form something larger than oneself is the more hidden idea behind the piece; following along the use ofsynecdoche and hyperbole. I wanted the uniting concept to not be easily understood and then discarded. I wanted the viewers to slowly understand what the connection was, similar to when one learns to tie their shoes as a child, one day it just clicks and from then on you continue the process.
  • designed at both dimensions of 1400 × 400 px and 792 × 264 px.
  • 5.5” × 8.5” event program guide.
  • My focus for the program cover was that it would be the most intimate piece of promotional material, that being stated it was similar to the poster, but attempted to make the viewer part of the experience. The cover is set up so the two halves of the constructed instrument line the sides of the paper, with the specific event information in the center; almost like a hug, the final enclosing embrace to help one remember the intimate event
  • The animation focused on the fluidity of the music and the constructed instrument as one being as if in mid-dance to the fluidity, further illustrating the rhetoric tropes.