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  • Trying to herd children through the store every year to buy school supplies is soon going to be a thing of the past. American Student Supply saves families time and money so they can spend it on what matters: life.
  • The Company Story
    St. Louis area mom, Marlene DeNoyer, understands the challenges of preparing children for a new school year, physically and financially. With this understanding, coupled with the fact most schools today face unprecedented financial obstacles, as do many families, Marlene wanted to build a company that offered value, convenience, and at the same time had a purposeful mission centered around a "give back" philosophy.
  • Branding

  • American Student Supply Logo Variations
    Primary and secondary colors were chosen to symbolize childhood itself. Black, red, grey and green were chosen as the corporate colors but all supporting colors are available to be used throughout online branding, traditional advertising and print marketing.

  • American Student Supply Logo Variations
  • MyPack Gives Back® Mission
    We decided to make the apple symbol more of a focus within the MyPack® gives back! logo and the MyPack® logo.

    Partner Program Mission
    By becoming a Partner School, the percentage of cash donations to your parent organization doubles to 10% of GROSS SALES, in exchange for parent volunteers assisting us with MyPack delivery and student pick up at your school.  For this reason we decided to use the apple but make is a "golden apple" within a wax seal to symbolize the prestige that comes with becoming a partner.

  • Color & Layout
    VAG Rounded and Wendy LP Std were selected as the brand typeface to symbolize the development progression of writing skills (VAG Rounded being selected as the regular, elementary form of a childs' handwriting and Wendy being selected as the advanced, cursive form). Georgia is also introduced as a sophisticated typeface, representing how parents and teachers serve as consistent mentors for children.

  • Typography, Messaging & Layout Styles
    Utilizing brand colors to rest under the words in VAG Rounded and Wendy LP Std provides small, focused messages that demand effective copywriting. Matchbox assisted the client with all messaging for the American Student Supply digital branding.

  • E-commerce Website
    Website Messaging, Supportive Imagery, Website Banner Artwork, Product Iconography, Magento Shopping Cart, Custom Contact and Submission Forms, Custom Product Options and Facebook Profile Image

  • Parents can purchase all of their childrens' student supplies from home instead of fighting the crowds at the store. They benefit from the Sales Tax holiday and are then able to spend more time with their family.
    Each MyPack® product is customized based upon the teachers' school supply list. Parents can add locks, USB drives and calculators requested by the teacher as well as donate to the  MyPack® Gives Back Program by rounding the price up to the next whole dollar.

  • MyPack® Online Store/Marketplace
    Because each product is custom, shoppers navigate the store by selecting their state, school district, school and grade. This allows them to effortlessly purchase all of their childrens' school supplies with only a few clicks. Plus, if you have more than one child, once a product has been added the store automatically redirects you back to that specific school district so you can purchase MyPackTypographic & layout styles
  • Webpage Banners
  • Homepage Slider Banners
  • Facebook Profile Picture

  • To increase compliance from school parent organizations, American Student Supply decided to turn to email marketing. A custom newsletter was designed and then integrated into Mail Chimp. The newsletter informs parents about what a MyPack is and the benefits of shopping at American Student Supply.
  • Collateral 
    Corporate Business cards and Letterhead

    American Student Supply corporate business collateral was developed for official correspondence. Red, black and green were the colors chosen to symbolize precedence and action.
  • Client: American Student Supply
    Art Direction & Design: Amanda Miller
    Web Development: Jason Sullivan & Cullen Whitmore