American Odysseys

Created: 12/18/12
Last Edited: 02/08/13
American Odysseys: Writings by New Americans
Design and Art Direction: Joe Shouldice
Client: Vilcek Foundation
Archive Photo Credits: Bob Martus
Fonts: Storno (Lineto) & Sabon
9.5 x 6 x 2 in
592 pages
Quantity: 2000

American Odysseys is an anthology of twenty-two novelists, poets, and short story writers.

The title for this book is printed on a pencil which is then inserted into a diecut in the cover. The pencil was chosen as a symbol of the writer and of the writing process. For many of us, the pencil is the first introduction to creating letters, words, and – later on – sentences. The stories contained within are of a personal nature, and the intimate quality of the pencil seemed to be the perfect complement.

The pencil is full-sized and completely removable.

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