Ambassadors for Cities

  • The National Association of REALTORS asked us (and our editorialpartners at Magnificent Publications) to create a printed piece topromote its Ambassadors for Cities program and celebrate the program'ssuccesses. The booklet would initially be distributed at theassociation's annual convention, and would be mailed to REALTORS andmayor's offices around the country.

    We decided that rather than do a standard booklet, we would create aone-time magazine issue. This would give the publication great energyand visual interest, and encourage the target audience of REALTORS toflip through it and read what they're interested in. It was more workthan the client had originally anticipated to track down interestingphotos, but it paid off in the end by making for an exciting piece thatwill stand out in a crowded environment.

    We've posted the cover and an inside spread. See more at the Ambassadors for Cities site,