Alternative Process Photography

  • This project was an experimental use of Cyanotype, Argyrotype, and Platinum development processes. I used several different methods of applying the mediums to the paper surfaces to create unique patterns. I used a 4x5 camera to take the pictures, and developed the negatives myself as well.
  • Control Image, no special process used.
  • Cyanotype, spreading a thin layer of the chemicals on the paper, overlapping more layers from different directions.
  • Argyrotype, spreading the chemicals across the paper in a zig-zag fashion.
  • Platinum, spreading an inconstant amount of chemicals across the page one direction, and then spreading it in a perpendicular direction.
  • Spreading a small amount of the chemicals from halfway across the paper, then adding just a couple more drops of chemicals to the start position and spreading them in the opposite direction.
  • Spreading chemicals in four directions from center.
  • Spreading appropriate amount of chemicals across small area and blowing excess with a straw.