Alliance Theatre 2012/13 Program Guide

Created: 05/19/12
Last Edited: 12/04/12
illustration, graphic design, typography, hand-drawn type, theatre
  • Alliance Theatre 2012/13 Program Guide
    Artwork for three shows
  • This was a collaborative project with Creative Director Mark Sorensen and designer Kathryn Colohan. I was tasked with designing the artwork for three shows which were then integrated into the layout and design of the over-sized, 2012/13 season program guide. At the finished size of 10.5" x 14", the program was meant to be folded and mailed to theatre patrons.
  •  Next to Normal  is a Tony award-winning rock musical about a mother struggling with bi-polar disorder and the affect that her illness has on her family. Design choices include manipulation of found photography and anger driven hand-drawn type that allude to the chaotic life of a suburban woman trying to fake normalcy. This artwork is featured as a double page spread.
  • In the days right after the end of the Civil War, The Whipping Man is the story of a Jewish Confederate soldier who returns to his family's home and reunites with their former slaves. Family secrets and scandals are revealed as the men come together to celebrate their shared faith in this emotional play with a shocking end. The Whipping Man title was completely rendered in Photoshop to have a lead type appearance which would have been used to print newspapers during the time that the play is set.
  • Apples & Oranges  is the modern story of a brother and sister living on opposite coasts who were never very close or really ever got along. Carl owns an apple orchard in Washington State and Marie is an all-black wearing journalist living in New York City. It is only after Carl reveals he has lung cancer do they come together to help each other and realize what they have always really meant to each other. The illustration for the poster features an apple and orange tree stylized together to resemble an old medical illustration of lungs. The dark areas of the organ are meant to represent the cancerous disease in Carl's lungs. For the title treatment, I redrew an existing font to have the same artistic quality of the main artwork.

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