Alien Workshop Skateboards

Created: 04/17/13
Last Edited: 04/17/13
Alien Workshop is known for their creative take on skateboard graphics. These are a few sets we've created for them.
  • AWS Arto Saari Skateboard
    Arto Saari pro model skateboard graphic. The concept stems from Arto's interest in carpentry. Precise shape extrusions represent various forms cut from wood.
    AWS Dylan Reider Skateboard
    Dylan Reider pro model skateboard graphic. Aside from his abilities on a skateboard, Dylan is also known throughout the skateboard world for his unique approach to fashion. The graphic shows faces that are woven together and repeated as a reference to a textile pattern.
    AWS Moonpop Skateboard
    Moonpop is a unique lightweight skateboard manufactured by Alien Workshop. Iconic spacecrafts and planetary models served as inspiration for the graphics.

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