• AiAiAi is a modern three member girl band geared for a new generation. The group works as an idol unit, emphasizing the creation of a social following and engaging the community. To achieve this, the members of the band are represented as avatars of the members rather than physical people. This allows for an immersive experience and unique universe that followers of the group can feel a part of. When members are fictional, it invites the community to create their own interpretations, fan art, and bonds. The target audience for this type of unit is an otaku fan base. Otaku take pride in their dedicated following of their idols and are one of the most exciting groups to watch.
    AiAiAi’s name derives from Japanese roots and symbolizes information about its members. “Ai” is a Japanese word for “love” and the character can be found in the lead member Airi’s name. Their are three characters of Ai for each character in the band. Because of this theme of love, each album title features it as well.
    The colour and design scheme of each piece is meant to be modern, clean, and sharp. Blacks and oranges are the typical colours used and in conjunction help push a feel of a more futuristic and energetic atmosphere.
    Each member is designed differently in order to establish a specific archetype that people can follow. They each have their own style of hair, clothes, colour scheme, and body type. One is childish, another fun, and the other beguiling. Bits about their interests are provided so that fans can become more immersed as the learn more about their favorite member. Even blood type is provided which is an idea similar to the Western zodiac.
  • CDs
  • CDs are the heart of a band are the most important way to attract customers. Each CD has its own story of love and scheme. For now, each member is dressed the same across the board; however, as times goes on, each member might wear a different article of clothing for different albums. Clothes such as bathing suits or dresses would still adhere to the same rules of each member’s personality and style, but would add a spin and make albums recognizable based on just the clothing of the character. This decision is more for the entertainment and growth of the community than for the band. Inside every CD case, there is an insert that folds out into a double-sided poster. One side depicts a larger version of the album cover that fans can pin to their walls, and the flip side is a set of all the lyrics on the album.
  • Posters
  • The posters announce an upcoming concert and display the ability to present a character based on clothes and scheme mentioned earlier. In this case, the bodies of the band are left out and allow the viewer to imply shapes and forms. This is done because the concerts will feature the real-life members performing and it is up to the viewer to go to the show and fill in the appearance with their own eyes.
  • Web Site
  • The web site remains modern and sharp, but also progressive and energetic. It will update fans on all the latest news, concerts, and releases. What is probably the most important section of the site is the one labeled “Omake”. This is a term that essentially indicates all the free things fans can download. This is the primary way to engage otaku and fans into the pseudo-nationalism of an avatar group. It is the group’s obligation to get fans started into the fandom with free widgets, wallpapers, papercraft, and more before they make the big step into purchasing figurines, posters, and other merchandise. With this, it is likely people will begin to create fan art and help the community grow in their own way.
  • Omake
    Shirts, widgets, and lottery charms are a way to get fans to be able to support their favorite character. When their is inner rivalry between a group, it grows from debate and fans of a certain member uniting. In order to become a true fan, the community will expect one to own the goods of their member.
  • T-Shirts
  • Widgets
  • The calendar widget features one character who can be rotated out simply by being clicked on. Each time a new character enters, they make a gleeful announcement.
  • Fans can download a media skin that also displays their computer's processes. The skins currently work in place of Winamp and iTunes.
  • The development and growth of an otaku fandom is a very powerful force. With the means provided, AiAiAi is designed to join the ranks of popular bands and fanbases.