Advocacy Posters: Love146

Created: 09/28/11
Last Edited: 11/20/12
Advocacy Posters for Love146
  • Love146 Advocacy Posters

  • This was our first project for VISC 402.  We were asked to create a pair of posters for an advocacy group.  One poster was to use type and image to speak its message, while the other poster uses no images, but rather use type as the image. 

    These posters focus on the potential that a safehome can bring to a child who has been
    trafficked and sexually exploited. Love146 is a non-profit international human rights
    organization that works towards the abolition of human sex trafficking through advocacy,
    prevention and aftercare. There are currently not enough safehomes in the world, and
    building more safehomes will empower a new life for affected children.. These posters
    seek to insprire a target audience of 15-25 year old individuals . Visit to
    partner with Love146 and make a safehome possible for millions. 

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