Created: 03/11/13
Last Edited: 03/11/13
Re-branding and looking for a new look on the logo for a local help line and create some advertisement for a local Hispanic Magazine to reach the target audience. ALL WORK IS COPYRIGHT © IRVING VAZQUEZ 2013
  • The way the clients wanted to approach this they wanted something involving a car and probably hitting somebody or just crashing, I tried to make it kind of iconic; with strong vibrant colors but as the project advance there were a lot of changes. Color scheme change they ended up wanting somewhat blue representing treatment to be calm, they would take of you and the iconic car red, a much more bold font and the car crashing into the letter A.
  • These are some advertising 8 ½ by 11 size for a local magazine just describing some of the services they offer.They wanted to use photographs involving accidents on the spot unfortunately, what I sketch for them and the pictures could not be taken or bought at the time so they agree just too an informative ad that would appeal to the audience.

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