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Created: 02/02/13
Last Edited: 06/09/13
&rogyny :: A project by sophomore graphic design student Rebekah Rhoden
  • Take a look at what transpired when Anderson University (SC) sophomore Graphic Design student Rebekah Rhoden was asked to communicate the word “judge” using a minimum of two preselected objects.

    Here’s how Rebekah describes her approach to the project:

    Create a cohesive visual connection between at least two out of five random items and the word “judge”. The final solution must fit in a 5”x5” format, and the digital file must have a resolution of 300 dpi in RGB color space. My five items were Beats earbuds, Ray Bans sunglasses, striped J. Crew socks, a Canon digital camera, and an autographed picture of Coach Beiste from Glee.

    I designed a visual identity for a “degenderalized” clothing brand, and simultaneously created a situation where “snap judgements” are occurring and anti-judgement is being promoted. The concept of androgyny is a blending of gender representation and the breaking social norms related to dress and identity.This clothing brand rejects gender norms and stigma associated with gender ambiguity, which is where the “judgement” factor comes into play.

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    This project © Rebekah Rhoden, 2012