Created: 05/19/13
Last Edited: 08/16/13
Choose a problem to solve with graphic design. Conduct extensive research and analysis over the course of a year, and master a solution that is both conceptually and visually successful. The project should demonstrate the student's complete range of design skills, thinking and analysis, and the ability to tackle a real world problem with an effective design solution.

Each year between six and eight million cats and dogs enter United States animal shelters, and over half of them are killed, even though more than 90% are healthy and adoptable. Excuses are made on behalf of the shelters that kill, and antiquated policies of traditional sheltering methods stand in the way of those who try to reform them. Even though there are lifesaving programs that can help reduce needless euthanasia from every animal shelter, these solutions are not being put in place quick enough, or sometimes not at all. The objective of this project is to provide a way to help shelters implement these programs and reduce their rates of unnecessary euthanasia.
To address the current problem in our nation's animal shelters, I developed a non-profit organization called All Ears Project that aims to achieve a no kill nation by providing animal shelters with the appropriate resources and guidelines. This organization helps reform high kill rate shelters by providing an informative and interactive website that teaches them how to transform their shelters into safe havens for homeless pets.

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