• AIGA Reno Tahoe

    Communications Director
  • Generating Momentum
    The American Institute of Graphic Arts, or AIGA, is a professional organization for design. Organized in 1914, AIGA currently has more than 22,000 members throughout 66 chapters, and more than 200 student groups nationwide. AIGA’s Reno Tahoe chapter, established in 2005, shares the national organization’s mission to advance designing as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force.
    The Problems
    Surprisingly, the chapter-sponsored event promotions were missing the high level of design that AIGA and local graphic artists are known for. Event promotions failed to capture the attention of a large audience. Because of it, membership to the Reno Tahoe chapter was down and board morale was sinking.
    The Solution
    Saint Pierre, whose principal was the sitting Communications Director, Membership Director and Vice President of the chapter, volunteered to devote time, strategic thinking and creativity to help turn the wayward ship around. Based on industry trends, we developed an event promotions standards guide that called for new digital and print channels to promote events. We successfully launched an AIGA Reno Tahoe Facebook page and a Twitter profile to encourage a healthy following. We established a refreshing collaborative atmosphere where designers could work together, free from client restrictions. We developed a membership communications guideline to create more frequent and more effective chapter communications.
    A sense of camaraderie returned among board members and ultimately made being a member of AIGA Reno Tahoe feel smart, freeing and fun. As a result, the chapter’s membership doubled over the course of two years.