AIGA Y-17 Conference

  • AIGA Y-17 Conference Badges & Mailer
    Badges for the 17th Annual Design conference in San Diego
  • These conference badges also serve as the booklet with all of the necessary information for conference attendees, including a venue map, speaker bios, thinkshop descriptions and a detachable feedback card. The badges hang around your neck and were designed to be readable from upside-down. One side has the information for day one and the other side of the pages has info for day two. 
  • These folded mailers were sent out to AIGA members to announce the speakers, dates, pricing and thinkshops of the conference and encourage them to sign up. Using the established colors, a pathway snakes through each page guiding people through the piece, which also relates back to the theme of the year: drive.The images show the front and back side of the piece, flat.