AIGA KC Space Window Wrap

  • AIGA KC Window Wrap
    Design + Typography
  • The objective was to create an experience that encouraged people to come into the Kansas City AIA/AIGA building. AIGA mission idea that design is a vital cultural force is embodied in the quote that “Design is application of intent — the opposite of happenstance and the antidote to accident” by Robert L. Peters. The intent was to present one fluid thought from the side of the building to the front through the fluidity of the curves and placement of the quote, aiming towards the front door. Although the main audience was to be someone walking past the building, the compositions helped create a continuous and focused concept with graphic compositions.
  • side window wrap. the purpose was to have the quote start on the left and steer the pedestrian to the front door around the corner.
  • front window wrap. the full quote on the right and a centered but energetic design on the front windows.