AIGA Designathon 2013 - WSM Annual Report Infographics

Created: 02/24/13
Last Edited: 10/23/13
A project given to my group at AIGA and PCA&D's 5th Annual Designathon. Water Street Ministries provides a home, food, health services, and so much more to the men, women, and children in Lancaster and other cities in Pennsylvania. They asked our group to create a template they could use for their Annual Report, in which they wanted mostly all infographics and visual elements to represent their statistics and facts. My group members and I pushed through with no sleep and non-stop work to present the final project to our client the very next day, only 24 hours after first receiving the project. Designathon was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. It is amazing to see watch art affect the lives of so many.
  • The first spread of three in an 8-page annual report for Water Street Ministries in Lancaster County. The whole project was done during a non-stop 24-hour working marathon at AIGA's Designathon. While I designed the layout of the annual report, it was definitely a collaborative effort between myself and my team member Lisa DeAngelo. I made the pie charts and helped lay out the infographics side by side with Lisa throughout the very early hours of the morning and into the afternoon on day 2 of Designathon.
  • Spread #2. Left side designed by Lisa DeAngelo, right side designed by me.
  • Spread #3. Left side designed by me, right side designed by Lisa DeAngelo.

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