AIGA-DC meets the White House design team, 1/14/13

Created: 01/16/13
Last Edited: 07/31/14
The AIGA-DC was invited to meet and brainstorm with White House design and photography staffers (1/14/13).
  • first security check point
  • step 1: pass a federal background check
  • outside the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB)
  • on the way to the second security check point...
  • to the metal detectors...
  • taking photos in the corridors on the way to the reception room
  • Bruce Reed‘s office
  • advise us out of this bad economy... dammit!
  • oddly enough, no actual Indian treaties were signed or broken in this room
  • Indian Treaty Room, the former Navy Department Library Reception Room
  • view of the West Wing from the window of the Indian Treaty room
  • “Media Beach” just outside the West Wing
  • meeting with the White House design and photography team
  • White House Creative Director, Kodiak Starr (in grey jacket and black tie), talks about a project that was mocked on the Colbert Report
  • doorknob to the former Navy Department Library Reception Room
  • Latin reads “If you wish for peace, prepare for war”
  • detail of the corner moulding on the marble panels in the Indian Treaty Room
  • encaustic tiles on the floor of the Indian Treaty Room
  • it’s not easy to get to W. Executive Avenue & State Place
  • probably the first and last time I will ever be in the EEOB

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