AIGA Baltimore 2012 Student Portfolio Review

Created: 08/18/12
Last Edited: 05/28/13
1st place winner of the 2012 Ink/Pixel poster design competition presented by the AIGA of Baltimore.
  • AIGA Baltimore 2012 Student Portfolio Review

  • "This design expresses the relationship that ink and pixels have in design. I used a process of printing and scanning techniques to distort a print of my original graphic. This way it passed through a series of steps from print, to screen, and back to print. We live in an exciting time when ink and pixels can have a beautiful co-dependence."
  • The poster was my original design. It was then modified to be used on name badges, way finding, and web banners. It should be noted that the graphic, color, layout and font choice of the original poster are mine while  all other uses of my graphic were modified by the AIGA to fit other mediums.  

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