AIGA 2012 Business Breakfast

Created: 01/28/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
Event invitation
  • AIGA 2012 Business Breakfast Series
    Event Invitation
  • The invitation was made to represent the typical business & breakfast aspects that can rarely have time for each other. Business can be fast paced, time crunching, on the go, and hectic. Breakfast can be as little as a bagel with cream cheese or a buffet of pancakes.

  • Both business and breakfast can correlate by taking advantage of the quick, on the go, and one stop shop. The invitation was meant to imitate an on-the-go order that would give the end user the necessities to get through the morning.
  • The box invitation contains contents that relate to the event.

  • The chosen speakers are:

    Each package is designed to fit the designers and their character/personality types. Additionally, each package contains a fold out photo a long with a small written biography.
  • Utilizing the package's empty space was one part of the design. Moreover, taking advantage of the blank space that shelter the contents gave the overall use more tangible. On the back of the package is a list of sponsors a long with information regarding their company.

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